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Using the Nature Remo Cloud API (“API”), you can read from Nature Remo (“Remo”) sensors, send infrared signals from Remo and so on.

Send HTTPS requests to Nature Remo servers to use the API. HTTP responses are formatted in JSON.

Check API Reference [Cloud API] for APIs provided by our servers on the cloud, and [API Reference [Local API]](http://local- for APIs provided by the Nature Remo device when accessed from the same local network.


Use OAuth 2 for authentication and authorization. Please add the following HTTP header when using the API.

Authorization: Bearer {TOKEN}

In the {TOKEN} section, enter the access token obtained through OAuth 2.

Issue or revoke your own access_tokens at


API action result will be returned by HTTP status code. See RFC7231 for what each status codes mean.


{VERSION} in API endpoint path can change independently. We will not add mandatory request parameters, delete existing parameters, or change parameters meanings described in the API reference without changing the version.

When it is necessary to add a mandatory request parameter, delete a parameter, or change parameter meanings, we will increment the version number and provide both the updated API with the new version and the old API with the original version. After an announcement from Nature, Inc. about the deprecation timeline, the old API will be removed and all requests to the old API will see 404.


If we observe more than 30 requests per minute, we throttle your requests and you’ll see 429 status codes. See following headers to check your throttling status.

  • X-Rate-Limit-Limit
  • X-Rate-Limit-Reset
  • X-Rate-Limit-Remaining

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